Last Day Of KillerCon…

Last day for KillerCon 2019. I’ve been writing professionally for 10 years (late bloomer) and I still feel like a little fish in a big pond here. That shit will change in 2020. If you’re a writer or just a reader of all things dark and twisted, this is where you want to be next year! Thanks to Death’s Head Press for the invite and to all the authors who were cool enough to mingle with a couple of new faces. Sam and I will return next year with our guns loaded. I can hear the soccer moms gasping from Austin. It’s a figure of speech. Poons. Anyway, Wrath, Ed, Kris, John Wayne, Christine, Wile E, and too many more to mention…thank you for letting me play in your fucked up world. Felt like home. Granted, it still feels like the kind of home where you’re forced to remove your shoes, but home nonetheless. Actually, I was gonna say “afraid to fart in” but let’s keep it classy…


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