Extinguished Errors

I received my first batch of Extinguished paperbacks and, after an 8 hour revisiting of my favorite creation, I discovered some errors. A couple of them are my fault but most of them are formatting errors from the Amazon upload. No one is perfect, especially Amazon’s software. You live, you learn. These corrections are being made as I type this and the second batch will be on par. I apologize on behalf of the world’s largest online retailer (because they never will) and hope this doesn’t present too much of a problem as you enjoy your read. Think of it as a collector’s item. If, by chance, you can’t seem to make it through enjoyably, let me know. I’ll bite the bullet and replace your copy. Am I an idiot? Maybe, but at least I’m an honest idiot. Send me a private message and I’ll make arrangements for you to mail me your copy. I’ll send you a corrected one in return, personalized and autographed. Thanks to everyone for their understanding and continued support. Peace.


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