Today! Dig Two Graves!

Have you ever wished you could get revenge on someone, but the idea of prison or bloodstains on your clothes made you decide against it? Now you can enjoy the arterial spray and the joy of someone getting what they deserve from the relative comfort of your favorite reading spot. Twenty-two tales of not turning the other cheek! We take you down the low road; the road less traveled. Whether you like your revenge served red hot or ice cold, you will find both within these pages. Be warned: you can’t travel to the pit and come away clean. Payback is a bitch. If you come seeking revenge, it is best that you dig two graves.

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On a final note, this will be the last book I have published while living in my hometown of Greenville, TX. It’s bittersweet, but this community never really supported my ventures much over the last ten years. Even when I was working for the newspaper! Strange in a town of 26,000 but why question it. To each their own. Extinguished will release 8.1.19 to my new community in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. I will be available for signings of And Hell Followed, Dig Two Graves, and Extinguished at Killer Con 2019 in Austin and various copies of my works at Spooky Spectacle in Fort Worth in September. I hope to see some of you there! Goodbye, Greenville Texas. I’m not quite sure what you wanted but I hope you find what you’re looking for. A dozen novels later with my name attached? It wasn’t me. Peace.


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