C. Derick Miller, Children’s Author?

For the record, the above image has nothing to do with the book. I saw the image on the internet and found it fitting. It’s not mine. Please don’t take me to court…

I had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with Black Rose Writing publisher and owner Reagan Rothe and children’s author Lee Jordan during Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019. As I peddled my wares of the macabre, Reagan and Lee were steadily cleaning up with their paranormal themed children’s books. It was quite a sight to see.

Being a father and grandfather, I was never a fan of most children’s books on the market. My children were always a little ahead of their age (and a little darker minded than most due to my obsession with paranormal research) and found most books written for them to be boring. Then, I met author Linda Anthony Hill. Her paranormal themed children’s books seemed unusual at the time but my time with Reagan and Lee solidified my interest. I wanted to take a small break from my norm and pen a book for kids.

Cherish This Life is finished and awaiting illustrations! Young Cherish Burns is a young ghost who wants nothing more than to find other children to play with. My fiance’ Samantha Jean Cloud is a talented artist and will provide the drawings which will bring this book to life! More details will follow soon. Look for this title in 2020!


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