Farewell To Adam Bell

As every working musician knows, bands rarely remain the same for long, particularly when the members are “grown ups” – i.e., they have careers, families, and responsibilities at home. The more dramatic band break-ups among the “rock star” groups often make headlines with scandalous stories of disagreements between members or worse. But in real life, there... Continue Reading →

Starving Zoe…coming soon!

I'm not allowed to say anything about this one...but I'll be cool and give you a vague synopsis of "Starving Zoe" (formerly known as "The Screaming Of The Trees") coming in 2020 To most, 1865 was an eye-opening year. The American Civil War was officially over and the soldiers fortunate enough to survive the bloody... Continue Reading →

Dig Two Graves On June 15th!!!

Have you ever wished you could get revenge on someone, but the idea of prison, or bloodstains on your clothes made you decide against it? Now you can enjoy the arterial spray, and the joy of someone getting what they deserve from the relative comfort of your favorite reading spot. Twenty-two tales of not turning... Continue Reading →

Pre-Order Soon!

Remember that dickhead that cut you off on the highway? Remember how you wanted to follow them home and skin them alive, but the fear of prison was just too much? Well, we have 22 stories that will allow you to live out those revenge fantasies from the safety of your own home. Here is... Continue Reading →

Texas Frightmare Weekend Success!

Texas Frightmare Weekend was an enormous success and I enjoyed every second. In case you are unaware of this event, it's the largest horror convention in the Southwest held annually in Dallas, TX! All vendors in attendance who travel the country from con to con look forward to this one the most! Both A Taste... Continue Reading →

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