Death’s Head Press Plays With Matches!

My Grandmother always told me I’d pee in the bed during my sleep if I played with matches. I believed her thanks to kid logic. Well played, Memaw. Well played. I never burned down the house and my sheets stayed dry…at least until I reached adulthood. Grandma never offered any advice on how to identify a squirter.

Death’s Head Press has agreed to publish my latest novel “Extinguished” and don’t care who pisses themselves deep in the dark night! Still sitting in the Amazon anthology top 10 after releasing their debut book “And Hell Followed” THREE MONTHS AGO (impressive), they love the origin story of Angel Burns! Who is Angel Burns?

Angel Burns is a young fire fighter with a shrouded history. During a routine night at work, she accidentally stumbles upon a demonic ceremony that brings her memories out of hiding…as well as her repressed supernatural powers. Angel soon learns that her life was intended for something greater than extinguishing fires for mortals as she dives deeper into the demonic underworld. Now on the payroll of the Vatican, Angel embarks upon an epic quest to protect the Gutenberg Bibles from the clutches of evil. If successful, she will secure peace for generations to come. If she fails, the power of the ancient books will be unleashed to bestow an eternity of darkness upon all of humanity!

Originally written as a short story for a Twilight Zone anthology with MBLA London (the anthology died before it could ever be compiled) my beta readers were upset with me for ending the story so abruptly. Shortly after that, I began dating a firefighter/EMT who inspired me to outline an entire novel. Not that it matters, but she was a woman lol. Although we are no longer involved in that way, I still value her friendship. She is a real hero in my eyes and deserved a story dedicated to her likeness. Granted, she doesn’t fight demons or work for the Catholic Church, but I squeezed a lot of her personality and bravery into the main character. I dove deep into the world of the main character from September 2018 to November 2018 and completed the book. Six beta readers (including my influence’s new firefighter boyfriend) signed off on the fictional adventures of this new hero and I know you’re going to love it as well!

More info coming soon…






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