Splatter Club Book Of The Month!!!

Splatter Club has chosen And Hell Follwed: An Anthology as their book of the month for March 2019! In honor of this, Death's Head Press has lowered the Amazon price to $8.99 in paperback and $2.99 for Kindle! Get yours today at the link below! Paperback Amazon Kindle Thanks to everyone who's supported this anthology... Continue Reading →

The Man I’m Supposed To Be

I cried today. To some of you, that may not be such a big deal. Sure, I've cried several times in the last couple of decades but it was all out of anger. Angry cries stem from knowing you can't kill the person who did you harm. Frustration. The last time I cried out of... Continue Reading →

My First Professional Death Threat!!!

The subject matter of the anthology novel "And Hell Followed" is touchy. Some people just can't help but want to murder you for tinkering with the almighty Bible. This was the case Saturday night during the first book signing for Death's Head Press authors Patrick Harrison III, Chris Miller, Wile E. Young, C. Derick Miller,... Continue Reading →

My Rules Of Writing 2019

Before you ask me to write an article or expose', read this. Hunter S. Thompson is one of my greatest literary influences. I am a Gonzo Journalist. If you're not into this style, don't ask. Then, ask yourself why you're not into this style. You'll soon realize that you're probably wrong. I've been writing professionally... Continue Reading →

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