# 1 ‘Hell’ Hits Paperback!

The Amazon #1 New Release ‘And Hell Followed’ is now available in paperback! The reviews are amazing! You can purchase your copy here!

For all the tree huggers, a Kindle copy can be purdchased here!

For the record, I’m a tree hugger too

” Such great talent in this anthology. Each author takes you to a different place and level while keeping on a theme. Beautiful. “

” I have to say I really enjoyed this anthology. I have always been interested in stories about Revelations. Starting back in Catholic grade school when the nuns would use it in ways to scare the crap out of us kids. As with any anthology some stories are better than others, but none will leave you feeling disappointed. I would recommend this book to everyone. “

” The End is here. The end of poorly cobbled together collections. This book is breath of fresh air and a kick in the fear center of the brain. Wonderfully written dives into biblical terror. So many amazing tales that starts off with Sam West and The Whore of Babylon. Chris Miller and Patrick Harrison defy expectations. Delphine Quinn sets up a dystopian view of social media gone mad. This inaugural release by Death’s Head Press is brilliant and bloody. Unflinching tales that stay with you long after the final words have etched themselves into you brain. Light a candle and grab your rosary as you dive into Hell on Earth. “

” Smart and sexy with a little bit of rock and roll…
If brand New tales of the apocalypse with a modern twist are your thing; this book is for you! This book has it all, From the grotesque to the silly and everything in between!
Fantastic read! “

Don’t miss the beginning of ‘The End’! If you’re lucky enough to be in the Greenville, TX area on Saturday February 16th, muster up the courage to attend the official release party at The Corner Street Pub and meet several of the authors face to face!






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