The Moment

Tonight, for a single hour, I wasn’t pre-occupied with thoughts of books, book releases, future books, upcoming events, making music, reading, or writing assignments. My girlfriend and I just sat in the car in a parking lot and discussed our day, what we liked and disliked about it, and how we could make tomorrow better. I’m learning to slow things down a bit in my life. Now I’m home and ready to sleep. Want to know what I’m thinking about? Books, book releases, future books, upcoming events, making music, reading, and writing assignments. I’ve gotten out of the habit of discussing certain aspects of my personal life on social media and online (because some hopelessly unhappy people are just dying to criticize it, make it more difficult, or ruin it completely) but I think I need to have her around more often. A man might meet a hundred women during his lifetime who will excite him…but only a handful, maybe just one, will be able to calm the beast, shush the world around him, and remind him of life’s true gift. The moment. By the way, did I mention Far From Home is available on Amazon now, And Hell Followed releases next week, I’m outlining a book called The Screaming Of The Trees, the official And Hell Followed release party will be February 16th at The Corner Street Pub in Greenville, TX with 5 signing authors, live music, Fireball specials and live streamed on YouTube, I’m learning to play bar chords without a capo, I’m reading Black Heart Unhinged by Christie Lyday, and I’m beginning my expose’ on the Brandon Woodruff case? I’m already looking forward to my next ‘moment’.



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