Another 5 Star Pre-Release Review!

Another lucky Goodreads member has gotten their hands on an advanced copy of And Hell Followed and voiced their opinion!

“I was lucky enough to get my hands on an advance copy of what will be imo (in my opinion) the most talked about Anthology of 2019. 15 of the 16 stories in this book would normally be the best story in most anthologies and only one what I consider to be an average story. If this is the future of Death’s Head Press they will be the go to publisher in the Horror genre. 
From what would be normal to the stories in this volume, to the last word of Jeff Strand’s outpouring, this book grabs you by the balls and doesn’t let go.” – Noigeloverlord 5 Stars!

And Hell Followed releases on January 15th with an official release party in Greenville, TX on February 16th! Kindle pre-orders are happening now with the paperback available on the official release date.

Seventeen authors re-imagine the biblical apocalypse and all the hell that follows in sixteen horrifying tales. What if the prophecies of Revelation hit today? What sort of craziness and evil would ensue? With this list of excellent authors contributing, it’s sure to be a Hell of a read!

Wrath James White
Sam West
The Sisters of Slaughter
Jeff Strand
K Trap Jones
C Derick Miller
Christine Morgan
Patrick C. Harrison III
John Wayne Comunale
Hyäne Sawbones
Delphine Quinn
James Watts
Wile E. Young
Chris Miller
Mark Deloy
Richard Raven


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