Humility Comes In All Forms…

I woke this morning to a rejection letter for the first time in over a decade. The last time was my debut novel A Ghost Hunter’s Journal in 2008 by Llewellyn Publishing. A big fan of all their paranormal and occult books, I figured I’d be a perfect fit. I figured wrong. Soon after that, someone took a chance on me and the rest is history…or so I thought (again).

I’m sure this happens to writers all the time but it’s just a little slap in the face to remind me I’m not immortal. I’ve saturated this particular publisher with three works in 2018 and they’d prefer that I’d spend my time marketing them rather than submitting another work. I get it…but I don’t think they do. This one is personal.

This is my first novel written during complete sobriety. Based on an unpublished short story I’d penned, I fleshed it out and wrote the entire thing in 90 days. Now that may not seem like much of an accomplishment to some of you, but I’m a single father with a full time job, daily three hour round trip commute, and a freelance journalist gig. My novel, Extinguished, means a lot to me. I poured as much emotion as possible into these characters and I want to introduce them to the world. Five beta readers have assured me the story is gold so there’s no worries regarding that. It stung a little.

Ten years of publishing novels, poetry, articles, and songs made me forget the struggles I endured a decade ago. Life just thought it was time for a reminder, I guess. I’m listening to whatever lesson it feels the need to teach me at this point in my career…just as long as it knows when to finish the lesson and reward me for my dedication. Old dogs will do anything for a treat, right? It’s when the treats stop coming that we say ‘to hell with it’ and take a big shit on the carpet.

Let’s see who has the best treats, shall we? Game on, life. Challenge accepted.






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