Upcoming Event Changes

Due to a recent health discovery, I’ve been forced to cancel a few of my December events in my hometown of Greenville, TX. As of today, the December 8th holiday book signing at The Wind, The Willow bookstore in the Uptown Forum has been cancelled. However, since I was informed that they’d still be throwing a party in my honor even if I didn’t show, my 45th birthday party at The Texan Theater is still happening! We’re going to give this theater the honor of showing one of the best films of all time since it was deprived in 1977. That’s all I can say about it really. Just show up. Trust me. It is free to the public and you don’t even have to bring me a gift! This is my gift to all of you for supporting my dreams these last few years. I’m not too sure about how involved I will be that evening but I will be in attendance. Trying to take it as easy as possible…



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