Upcoming Event Changes

Due to a recent health discovery, I've been forced to cancel a few of my December events in my hometown of Greenville, TX. As of today, the December 8th holiday book signing at The Wind, The Willow bookstore in the Uptown Forum has been cancelled. However, since I was informed that they'd still be throwing... Continue Reading →

10 Days From Release!

Far From Home is ten days away! Order now and receive a 10% discount when you use code PREORDER2018! Synopsis:  A Curse Beyond Comprehension. A Power Beyond Belief. A Girl Far From Home. Katie Liberman is your typical eighteen-year-old college student…or at least that’s what her family thinks. Picking up five years after the events... Continue Reading →

Extinguished: Out Of My Hands!

I received a nice little email this morning while hooked up to all kinds of good stuff at the hospital. Long story. The publisher has requested the manuscript for Extinguished and I delivered. I'll know something in a couple of weeks! Synopsis:  Angel Burns is a young fire fighter with a shrouded history. During a... Continue Reading →

Extinguished Beta Review # 3!

Another beta reader finished and provided me with this little tidbit of praise! "The story follows a female firefighter and her struggle to find out who she is and where she came from. Her character is relatable and well described. Her relationships with the people around her are believable and add to her charm. The... Continue Reading →

December Awaits!

Here's a list of December events! Upcoming Events 12.1.18 – Appearing in ‘The Big Thrill’ Magazine International Thriller Writers 12.6.18 – Far From Home Midnight – Book Release 12.6.18 – Far From Home Interview Karen’s Killer Book Bench 12.8.18 – The Literary License Podcast – Life Of Brian London 12.8.18 – Far From Home Book... Continue Reading →

My Baby Comes Home!

I remember the day I put the finishing touches on this novel. I took a ride in an ambulance to a 48 hour vacation in the hospital. At first, we thought it was a heart attack and that this book would never be published. It was all just stress, anxiety, and excessive drinking. Trying to... Continue Reading →

Beta Reader Review # 2!

My newest novel, Extinguished, is completed and with beta readers!  "I had to go back and read the last chapter 3 times! I really enjoyed it; my only criticism....it’s not long enough and/or you don’t have a 2nd installment ready. You have a remarkable talent of being able to transport your readers into the pages... Continue Reading →


Award winning novelist Linda Anthony Hill (The Anchor Is The Key) has finished her pre-release read through of my upcoming novel 'Far From Home'. She's in the process of creating a full review but was kind enough to give me one word. Outstanding. Far From Home releases 12.6.18 and is pre-ordering now from Black Rose... Continue Reading →

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