“Far From Home” Submitted to 2019 Thriller Awards!

The upcoming C. Derick Miller novel, Far From Home, has been submitted to the ITW for consideration in the 2019 Thriller Awards! Although it’s street date is December 6th, 2019, it will be considered for ‘Best Paperback Original’. Far From Home is the second book in the ‘Taste of Home’ series:

A Curse Beyond Comprehension.

A Power Beyond Belief.

A Girl Far From Home.

Katie Liberman is your typical eighteen-year-old college student…or at least that’s what her family thinks. Picking up five years after the events of A Taste of Home, Katie has dropped out of school and embarked upon a dangerous quest to find Kurt Jimmerson, the New York City attorney responsible for her family’s werewolf curse. Unknown to her, the attorney’s grip on the ‘City That Never Sleeps’ is tighter than imagined and she’ll need any and all help available to be victorious. But… where do you find friends when you’re Far From Home?

The International Thriller Writers organization will be holding its annual ThrillerFest in New York City April 2019!






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