Hump Day Happy Hour!

Musician Tommy Cross (8 Bore, Whiskeyhat) and I played the Texan Theater today for what they call The Hump Day Happy Hour! (The clock on the north side of the courthouse has been stuck at 5 o’clock forever therefore…it’s always 5 o’clock in Greenville, TX. If you can’t believe the courthouse…what can you believe?). I started them all off with some jokes and a story about why I am what I am and Tommy rocked the house with some of our originals and a couple new ones of his own! Great show, great people! It was inevitable though…

Someone asked a question about the ‘old me’. I didn’t lie. I faced it head on and explained myself to the best of my abilities.

No matter how hard I’ve tried to ignore my past, it keeps coming back. The paranormal investigator in me died with my divorce. I found what I was looking for in my ‘decade of shadows’. I wrote some books about it. Moving on. My book, which was released in February 2018, Diary Of A Gonzo Ghost Hunter is me closing the chapter on that life. All my gear sits in the bottom of my closet collecting dust and corroding on the inside because I refuse to touch it to remove the batteries. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to outrun that identity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of my research. That life, though…

I’m not sure I’ll ever get over that life and the permanent damage it caused my soul. The damage it caused my heart. That was all a Chad and Nez thing. There is no more Chad and Nez. Sometimes, there is no Chad. If you’re interested, check out Diary Of A Gonzo Ghost Hunter from Black Rose Writing at their official website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and (soon) Wal-Mart. Moving on. Book signing on Saturday for A Taste Of Home! Peace…


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