Hello, Chapter 16!

“Visions of the past invaded the young man’s mind like a dated video cassette, watched repeatedly until visibly worn. He’d known nothing of a normal life. He had no childhood friends to reflect fondly upon and few Christmas mornings to recall overjoyed satisfaction. No, his life was in shambles from the moment his first breath was taken. Thus was the life of a hunting family.”

Once again, the photo posted above is not mine. I borrowed it from the internet. I just think the image strikes incredible likeness to my main character.

My upcoming novel, Extinguished, is now 75% complete! Well, the first draft is nearly complete. I’ll go through two massive rewrite sessions before submitting it to publishers but that time is approaching! The remaining five chapters will pick up the pace of the story and, finally, I imagined the ending of the story in my sleep last night! With that in mind, I will run full steam ahead into the remaining pages. Currently, I have a 75,000 word count (give or take) and plan on having 25,000 more by completion. I think 100,000 words is fair for a novel. Thank you for all your continued support. I’m looking forward to the next update! In the meantime, grab a copy of Diary Of A Gonzo Hunter or A Taste Of Home!



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