Every memory is a poem yet to be written... "Born In July" Misty morning alone with my thoughts The fog rose like a theater curtain Revealed you in all your glory Your eyes signaled readiness Magic words uttered softly in the wilderness I gripped you like a soldier’s farewell Our lips intertwined in remembrance Lost... Continue Reading →

My Stance On Politics.

This week, someone suggested that I was out of touch with the world because I don't follow politics. I'm not anti-politics. I'm anti-politician. Most of them were spoiled little privileged rich poons, who were the children of spoiled little privileged rich poons, who were the children of spoiled little privileged rich poons. They can't comprehend... Continue Reading →

Accepted Into ITW!

As of Wednesday 9.26.18, I've been accepted into the International Thriller Writers organization! I'm so crazy busy right now that I don't have time to explain what that means but Google is free! lol. Seriously though, I'll post more about this when I get time. Just wanted to put it out there. Thanks to all... Continue Reading →

A Taste Of Home Review # 40!

I love it when I read reviews of my work. Good or bad. This one is good! I only bought a kindle version of this because Horror stories are not my "go-to". I wanted to read it on the recommendation of a friend. Now I'll probably have to order a print copy, too. Because I... Continue Reading →

The Son Of A Legend!

I'm on Cloud 9 right now! On October 25th, I will have the opportunity to interview the son of a legend! Marty Haggard, son of the legendary Merle Haggard, is coming to my hometown to play a show! If you're in the Greenville, TX area, come join me! Tickets are $25 in advance and $30... Continue Reading →

Chapter 17!

Disclaimer: Once again, this is not my photograph. I borrowed it from the internet due to the likeness of my main character I just put the finishing touches on Chapter 16 of my upcoming novel Extinguished! Chapter 17 is calling me! 90 days of hard work in my spare time (with a few days off... Continue Reading →

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