It begins…

As I write this, representatives from Death’s Head Press and some of my fellow authors are rubbing elbows with the finest (and being offered leftover Chinese food from drunken literary celebrities) at KillerCon in Austin! Our upcoming anthology “…And Hell Followed” is getting noticed and I personally can’t wait to unleash the apocalypse on the world! (Ooops! I think I just plagiarized that line from Donald Trump’s inauguration speech!). Every story begins with that all important first handful of words. It sets the tone and gets the reader’s mind to racing, mouth to watering, hands to fondling…whatever their preference may be. So, as a Friday morning treat, I would like to offer you the first words to my short story in the “…And Hell Followed” anthology titled “Hell Paso”. Enjoy.

(clearing my virtual throat)

I can’t.

I would love to…but I can’t. I’m under contract to keep a tight lid on this project. There’s a pretty impressive list of horror writers joining me on this journey and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone! Just check out this list of contributors! (So far…)

  • Wrath James White
  • Sam West
  • The Sisters of Slaughter
  • Jeff Strand
  • K Trap Jones
  • Michael Bray
  • C Derick Miller
  • Christine Morgan
  • PC3
  • Jackson Stone
  • John Wayne Comunale
  • Hyäne Sawbones
  • Delphine Quinn
  • Andrew Lennon
  • James Watts

Right now, there are some well known authors and KillerCon wanting to join our ranks in this anthology! The debut book by Death’s Head Press is going to be a big one! The anthology’s theme is the Book of Revelation. What if the prophecies of Revelation hit today? What sort of craziness and evil would ensue? With this list of excellent authors contributing, its sure to be a Hell of a read!

Stay tuned for updates with “…And Hell Followed” with Death’s Head Press!

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