Exit Wounds by C. Derick Miller

For the record, I don’t know why I write what I write. Stephen King is not a murderer, JK Rowling is not a wizard, and I am not suicidal. I was just feeling a little dark, I got this out of my system, and now I feel better. Some people cry, some people cut themselves, I write. Understand?

Exit Wounds by C. Derick Miller


I will always keep it near me

Just in case they spring the trap

And as long as it is present

I will never take the rap

It’s my one and only exit

It’s my portal to the end

When it’s all too much to handle

When I’ve lost my dearest friend

It can take away my sorrows

And erase what I’ve done wrong

When I’ve wrote my closing sentence

When I’ve sung my final song

I won’t do it for attention

I won’t mean to make you cry

It’s the essence of my nature

Because poets live to die

I will finally have my answers

That I’ve sought for many years

I will travel that great darkness

I will swallow all my fears

As I inhale brave and deeply

Realized curse of destiny

I forgot to buy the ammo

Nothing changes, even me






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