Never Turn Down Kisses From A Beautiful Girl. Never.


Never turn down kisses from a beautiful girl! End of story. If they trust you enough to get in your face with affection, let it happen. This is my friends Kailey and Duke Theilen’s (See what I did with the names? Women always come first. No pun intended.) new ‘dog’. Her features and behavior strongly recommend a wolf hybrid of some sorts but the breed involved is currently unknown. Her name is Stella and she is a total doll.


If you read my blog post from yesterday, you’ll understand my love for wolves, wolf hybrids, and dogs in general. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to own (do we really ‘own’ them?) an animal where I’ve lived for the last two years. I’m going through severe withdrawals! Stella and their kitten Stache were rescued last week from a Dallas area shelter. Kailey and Duke are newlyweds as of two weeks ago and had enough love in reserve to share it with these two lovely creatures. Their visit made my day! Please adopt from your local shelters. Save lives and give love to those in need. I promise they’ll love you back…


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