Dear Local Musicians…

Well, you can add Greenville Life Magazine to my laundry list of local literary contributions. Strange that I had to get noticed by a literary agent in London back in 2015 (Thank you Keith Chawgo and Vickie Rae) before making a splash (actually, it’s a tiny ripple) in my hometown of Greenville, Texas but the important part is…I’m here! (I’ve been writing professionally for ten years) I owe it all to a handful of people who recognized and believed in me enough to make this happen. They gambled on me…and I’ll never forget it. As an Arts & Entertainment Contributor for The Greenville Herald Banner, I’ve been given a column in the magazine to interview and review local bands and musicians. Someone obviously likes what I have to say and how I say it. I have this months band already but I will need more for future issues. I’m also a recorded ASCAP registered song lyricist with over one hundred unrecorded sets of lyrics and a million more in my head. Let’s talk! I will be attending local shows on a regular basis so KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF!!! Contact Me!


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