The Three W’s

This weekend was incredible! I performed a wedding on Friday afternoon (Those who can’t play, coach. Those who can’t seem to find everlasting love, perform weddings)  followed by the usual karaoke night. I totally blew out my voice by singing Aerosmith’s Angel, but soon recovered to deliver Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue. It’s a fun life. Saturday, I met a new local author, had ten people show up to my Writers’ League meeting, caught some live music, and stayed up until dawn reconnecting with an old friend. Believe it or not, human interaction is needed from time to time. I don’t receive a ton of visitors to my tree house. Sunday? Recovery after reading my column in the Greenville Herald Banner (no more pre-publication review. I gave the editor full permission to correct my ranting). In addition, I spent all of Monday in the breathtaking home of a well known Dallas celebrity uninstalling and packing an intricate sculpture. Once I got home, I jumped straight into journalist mode to write next week’s newspaper contribution. The only downside to all of this was me neglecting my own personal writing for five straight days. Tonight, 1100 words flew from my fingertips with ease as I brought my upcoming novel, Extinguished, to life once again. I’m almost at the 75% mark and can’t wait to share it with the world. After that, I retired to my couch and began reading The Hunter Chronicles by Rick Parent. It’s a seventeen year recollection written by a man living with a wolf and the life lessons he learned by doing so. Before I knew it, I’d finished 100 pages! Sleep is beginning to overtake me but, in my delirium, I’m reminded of a jest stated by one of my co-workers today. She said my entire life has been about wolves, words, and women. Well, since you put it that way, she was absolutely right. I am obsessed with wolves and their family dynamic. I’m certain they’re the most majestic souls on the planet. As far as words are concerned, I hope I never run out of them to write. Women? That’s a sore spot…but I hope some day soon I’ll be with the last one I’ll ever need. Someone who sees me for who I am, accepts it, and decides to join me in my unique, loving lunacy rather than turn me into who they think I should be. I’m just waiting on ‘the’ sign. That scribbled, jumbled, ever elusive sign…



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