The Wind The Willows Bookstore In Greenville, TX!

I was on my way to perform a wedding and suddenly threw on the brakes! I was actually home in time to visit The Wind The Willows Bookstore in my hometown of Greenville, TX so I jumped on the opportunity. The owner, Mary Grace Rodriguez, is a total sweetheart! She knew me as soon as I introduced myself! She’d assisted Leah Warren, the editor of A Taste Of Home’s MBLA London publication, and we’d never met or spoken before! I purchased my own copy of The Catcher In The Rye while I was there because I’ll be damned if a book is going to beat me! I began reading it six months ago and set it down halfway through. I believe I began to read it too late in life. I’m a veteran, father, and grandfather. I couldn’t relate. Well, I refuse to give up! There is also a possibility she’ll be carrying my books in the near future so please go and visit her in the Uptown Forum in downtown Greenville!

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