It’s Like Ray-eeeee-ain, On Your Wedding Day!

Today, I get to perform one of my most favorite activities in the world! I get the pleasure of conducting a wedding for two people. I’ve been an ordained minister for the last few years and I believe this couple will be my 10th wedding! I’m not counting. The ceremony is set on a lake shore and the forecast calls for rain. I don’t care. I can’t seem to stay married, or dating for that matter, but I absolutely love joining two people together in marriage. It’s an artist’s curse, I guess. Love is a beautiful thing! If  you love someone, let them know. Screw everything else standing in your way. Jobs end, money never lasts, but love is forever if you put if first! Unfortunately, I keep ending up with people who can’t quite grasp that concept. I’m 44 now. I have three divorces under my belt and an ever growing list of people I’ve ‘dated’ that can’t seem to match me in the emotional attachment department. I’ve learned to live with it. Until then, I will continue sending people on their journey of love in order to gain personal satisfaction. Those that can’t play, coach. Those that can’t love, marry. I need that on a T Shirt!

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