The Writer’s Curse…

I finally finished my 1000 words for the day on a sad note. It was a very heart-felt moment in the book which I never planned on doing during the outline. It just kinda came to me. Does this happen to all writers? Do we get so caught up in our own stories and characters that we actually cry or am I just being a literary wimp? Frankly, I don’t need to know the answer because it’s not going to make me change. I remember shedding tears on a few occasions while writing both A Taste Of Home and Far From Home. I think it’s mostly because my main characters are all young girls rising to a challenge after being placed in extraordinary situations. I’ve had three daughters. The fact they’re all older now is saddening so I’ve created my own. It’s cheaper this way and I’m too old to raise babies! Still, my characters Katie Liberman from the ‘Home’ trilogy and Angel Burns from Extinguished are my children. I hate it when they hurt. Wow. After reading over what I’m writing in this post, I definitely have mental problems! There’s no other explanation! Then again, maybe it’s just the writer’s curse coming into play. The fact we experience emotions so deeply that we must pour them out on a page for the world to see and judge otherwise they’ll explode within our own heads. No, I think we ALL go through this. Some people just don’t like revealing their weaknesses. Personally, revealing my weaknesses to the world is a strengthening exercise in disguise.  Whatever doesn’t kill you…


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