“My” Bookstore!

Have you been wanting to get your hands on one of my books but HATE the hassle of online shopping? The Wind, The Willow bookstore in Greenville, TX is the official bookstore of C. Derick Miller books! I will be hosting a book signing on September 22nd so come see me! I promise to make... Continue Reading →

5 Chapters To Go!

Once again, this is not my photo, but the resemblance to my main character is crazy! My next novel Extinguished is 5 chapters away from completion! I will be submitting this to my publishers Black Rose Writing or Death's Head Press in the next couple of months for a 2019 release date! Whoever bites first! Check... Continue Reading →

Hell Paso Lives!!!

My short story Hell Paso is complete! It will be released in early 2019 as part of the Death's Head Press anthology "And Hell Followed"! Go to their website for more info!

Like Father, Like Daughter…

Now that A Taste Of Home has released, it's time to continue the story! Far From Home releases 12.6.18! Pre-Order now and get 10% off HERE! A Curse Beyond Comprehension. A Power Beyond Belief. A Girl Far From Home. Katie Liberman is your typical eighteen-year-old college student...or at least that’s what her family thinks. Picking... Continue Reading →

Only 24 Hours Left!

Only 24 hours remain and you can return to Twin Oaks, Tx for the re-release of A Taste Of Home! Toby Liberman is nearing the end of his rope. After a fateful confrontation with his wife’s lover, he is chased into the woods only to be discovered by an unidentifiable creature. He is attacked and... Continue Reading →

Vote In Cover Wars!!!

Do you like this cover? It doesn’t matter. VOTE FOR IT ANYWAY!!! Starting Sunday 8.26.18, you can vote for this cover in Cover Wars! For a week, you can vote once a day for seven days! If I win, the book gets promoted! I need this!!! Please, please, please vote for Diary Of A Gonzo... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Events!

A Taste Of Home is finally here! I will be having a signing event at The Wind, The Willow bookstore in downtown Greenville, Texas on Saturday September 22nd, 2018. I will also be doing a public reading of the first chapter at The Texan Theater in Greenville on September 19th, 2018 at 5pm! Copies will be... Continue Reading →

It begins…

As I write this, representatives from Death's Head Press and some of my fellow authors are rubbing elbows with the finest (and being offered leftover Chinese food from drunken literary celebrities) at KillerCon in Austin! Our upcoming anthology "...And Hell Followed" is getting noticed and I personally can't wait to unleash the apocalypse on the... Continue Reading →

Exit Wounds by C. Derick Miller

For the record, I don't know why I write what I write. Stephen King is not a murderer, JK Rowling is not a wizard, and I am not suicidal. I was just feeling a little dark, I got this out of my system, and now I feel better. Some people cry, some people cut themselves,... Continue Reading →

Author John Scura Passes Away

Rest in peace to my colleague John Scura Taken from an email by our publisher "Black Rose Writing". "It is with sad hearts that we announce the passing of one of our bestselling authors, John Scura (Battle Hymn: Revelations of the Sinister Plan for a New World Order). His book has stayed amongst our top... Continue Reading →

One Week Away From Release!

If you haven't pre-ordered your copy of A Taste Of Home yet, you only have one week left to receive a 10% discount by using code PREORDER2018 with Black Rose Writing! From The Greenville Herald Banner: A new novel by Greenville-born dark fiction author C. Derick Miller will be released on Aug. 30; it is... Continue Reading →

Chapter 15

Chapter 14 of my novel in production, Extinguished, is in the books. Tomorrow, I begin chapter 15 of the first draft and the continuing journey of my little demon hunting,  firefighting sweetheart. Yes, I fall in love with my characters. What's the point of writing their story if you don't? It feels like only yesterday... Continue Reading →

Dear Local Musicians…

Well, you can add Greenville Life Magazine to my laundry list of local literary contributions. Strange that I had to get noticed by a literary agent in London back in 2015 (Thank you Keith Chawgo and Vickie Rae) before making a splash (actually, it's a tiny ripple) in my hometown of Greenville, Texas but the... Continue Reading →

No Words.

To anyone who's followed me for an extended period of time, you know the story. I'll paraphrase. When I was in the Army, I owned a very troubled wolf. I was instructed by a trainer to grapple with him until he submitted to me in order to get through as the leader. He bled me,... Continue Reading →

10% Off Pre-Orders!

The re-release of my Texas werewolf novel A Taste Of Home is two weeks away! My publisher, Black Rose Writing, is offering 10% off if you get it between now and August 30th by using code PREORDER2018. Click here to get yours! The sequel, Far From Home, is being released on December 6th and nothing can... Continue Reading →

The Three W’s

This weekend was incredible! I performed a wedding on Friday afternoon (Those who can't play, coach. Those who can't seem to find everlasting love, perform weddings)  followed by the usual karaoke night. I totally blew out my voice by singing Aerosmith's Angel, but soon recovered to deliver Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue. It's a... Continue Reading →

New Book Review!

Happy Sunday! Here is my latest book review in The Greenville Herald Banner. I'll post the link as soon as it's available for easier reading! Thank you for your continued support!

August HCWL Meeting A Success!

In the beginning...there was an idea. The idea became three. Now, the idea is ten and I couldn't be happier! Founded in 2018 by C. Derick Miller and Patrick Harrison III, the HCWL has one mission: To bring writers together in fellowship and show support toward the growth of our art! Meetings are held monthly in... Continue Reading →

Getting Married Soon?

Joining two people in marriage is one of the few joys I have in this life! Performing weddings since 2015, I became an Ordained Minister when same sex marriage was legalized. Due to the public outcry from many of the local J.P.’s, I didn’t think it was fair for two individuals in love not to... Continue Reading →

Author Rick Parent!

I just met author Rick Parent at The Wind, The Willows bookstore in downtown Greenville and purchased a copy of his book. I'm a wolf fanatic and can't wait to read it! He will also be attending tonight's HC Writers' League meeting. Finally networking with MY people! We are both writers with a deep love... Continue Reading →

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