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Happy Birthday To Extinguished!

I had quite a bit of fun writing this one but it’s never really taken off like a I hoped. The reviews are mostly from women who love my ability to write a realistic female hero but there are a couple of shitty ones from a scorned ex husband. I deserve that punishment. I’ll claim […]


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The Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast!

Ready to meet an indie author? We will read you the first chapter. It’s up to you to finish the book!

Season 2 Episode 23: Catfish In The Cradle by Wile E. Young! Butterflies Make Me Angry!

A Taste of Home” and “Far From Home” Are Available Now!

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C. Derick Miller is a dark fiction author, Gonzo journalist, freelance A&E  journalist, screenwriter, poet, ordained minister, and ASCAP songwriter born in the town of Greenville, Texas. A seasoned paranormal investigator and administrator for the fine art industry, his influences include Hunter S. Thompson, Kevin Smith, Shawn Mullins, and Del James. He is currently signed with Death’s Head Press and is Sr. Writer/Jr. Producer for AtuA Productions. Chad is also an active member of the International Thriller Writers organization, the Horror Writers Association, and co-host of both the “Butterflies Make Me Angry” and “American Justice” podcasts. He resides in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, Texas and has a price on his head for his short story “Hell Paso” contained in the #1 Amazon Best Selling Death’s Head Press Anthology “And Hell Followed”. He wishes he was making up that last part but…it’s nice to be wanted.

“Chad is a believer and an adventurer looking for answers to questions that most people dare not ask. He looks for these answers in dark places that most of society steers clear of. In order to share certain experiences and supernatural insights, Chad has chosen to travel along a paranormal path that is safer during the day but far more interesting at night. Enjoy the ride.” – Del James, Author of ‘The Language Of Fear’ and manager for Guns N Roses

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