This Week, Greenville, Texas!

If you're in or near the town of Greenville, Texas this week, I will be a busy little man! Wednesday September 19th at 5pm I will be appearing at the Texan Theater for the Hump Day celebration. Musician Tommy Cross and I will try our best to entertain you to give thanks for mid-week! Saturday... Continue Reading →

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Greenville, TX Walking Dead Premiere Party!!!

Are you a Walking Dead fan? Do you live near Greenville, TX? Want to watch the season premiere with other Walking Dead fans, play trivia, and dress like your favorite character? This will be the place to do it! Hosted by Texan Theater owner Barbara Horan and local author C. Derick Miller, the Walking Dead... Continue Reading →

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Welcome To C Derick Miller . Com!

Welcome to the official site of C. Derick Miller! Author, freelance A&E journalist, ASCAP songwriter, poet, and ordained minister...there's a little bit of something here for everyone! Into dark fiction? There are books to quench your thirst for the shadows! Are you a Texas author wanting to get reviewed or a local band needing exposure?... Continue Reading →

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Hello, Chapter 16!

"Visions of the past invaded the young man’s mind like a dated video cassette, watched repeatedly until visibly worn. He’d known nothing of a normal life. He had no childhood friends to reflect fondly upon and few Christmas mornings to recall overjoyed satisfaction. No, his life was in shambles from the moment his first breath... Continue Reading →

Night Ranger

From the novel "Pages From The Bottom Drawer" by C. Derick Miller (out of print now) Night Ranger The melodies are calling him The songs of yesterday Where are the guitar warriors? Are they truly gone to stay? A young boy dreams of greatness His head rests on folded hands Headphones on his water bed... Continue Reading →

I Asked For This

I asked for this. No matter what comes my way, I have to keep those four words in mind. My brain is constantly screaming for me to write because I asked for this. My fingers on my left hand are bright red and tender to the touch from learning guitar because I asked for this.... Continue Reading →

My Nemesis

It's time for me to get a rant out of my system. Deep breath and...SCREW YOU, A CHORD! How in the heck am I supposed to play you with three fat fingers so close together? Sure, I can cheat and just use the G and B strings but then I neglect the D string! The... Continue Reading →

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